News and Special events

Atmosfere Dehors Thursday Evening DJ Set

Thursday 29th February we wait for you for the reopening event of the Fire Night with the chillout DJ-Set in Atmosfere Dehors. Enjoy our gourmet aperitifs or experience the exclusive cocktails signed Atmosfere under the stars, accompanied by live music and a breathtaking sunset.

Ugo Riva’s exhibition at Life Source

The modern and minimal spaces of Life Source become the setting for great artistic productions. Take a close look at the sculptures of Ugo Riva, an artist from Bergamo renowned on the national and international scene. By experimenting with different materials, from terracotta to metals, Riva evokes the different dimensions of contemporary man and physically projects them into works rich in meaning and value. Life Source loves the different shades of beauty: the one with the sculptor is a meeting “halfway”, looking for a place where to spread, breathe and enhance the art and local prestige. An unmissable exhibition made possible within Bergamo Brescia Capital of Culture 2023.

Temporary exhibition until 10 November 2024